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Compassion Transformation Center in Rwanda

Compassion Transformation Center is a vision God has given Gabriel and Margret Dusabe to start in their country of Rwanda where there is much salvation but a lack of transformation within individuals and their walk with God. This center will fight poverty by training people, teaching them skills, and creating jobs. It will also disciple them by teaching them the Word of God so they are equipped to walk in integrity, faithfulness and honesty. The trainees will learn their call to missions that Gabriel and Margret believe God has set forth for all the nation of Rwanda. The Dusabes believe God has plans for Rwanda to be a light in the continent of Africa and the rest of the world. They believe God desires to call forth a new generation of Rwandan missionaries into the world as a blessing to others. God is already rising up a generation hungry and thirsty for Him. Compassion Transformation Center wants to fish them out for God.

This center will be a place to encourage Rwandan to dream, birth their own dreams, and being their dreams to life. Compassion Transformation Center will also hold conferences of different spheres: education, church leaders, government, business people, youth and adult. The ultimate goal is to teach the people of Rwanda, to disciple them as Christ Followers, and to change their worldviews about God and his creation.


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