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More about what we’re doing in Rwanda

Compassion Transformation Center (CTC)

This center specializes in teaching the Rwandan people skills to help them start small businesses, as well as teaching them to walk in integrity and in a close relationship with Christ. Margret and one of our students, Amanda, spent time teaching some local women how to give pedicures, manicures, and facials. Some of these women are single moms, ex-prostitutes, young adults, and widows who had contracted HIV/ AIDS, and are now struggling to survive and raise their children. We stayed with these women, teaching them until about June, and then upon their graduation, presented them with a certificate that will help them get

jobs or start businesses. During this time, Gabby and Logan, another

student who stayed behind with us, started a photography training class in which we taught 10 young adult orphans of the 1994 genocide how to not only use cameras, but use basic computer Photoshop as well. We only had five small cameras and one computer to use, and often teamed up two

students to one camera. Though this is a start, we are still praying for more equipment for the students. Two of the students gave their lives to Christ, and one of them, a former Muslim, went to church and got baptized.

Gabby also worked with a company called Almond Tree Films, which disciples and trains young Rwandan Christians in areas of film and photography. God has used this company to help bring healing and reconciliation throughout Rwanda. During this time God used Gabby’s talent of art to help this company develop animation in one of their newest films.

We then went on to work with more ministries such as Twa ministries, a group that goes into

Rwanda’s poorest community and we took clothing to the women and children in the area.


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